Lily Myers is an author, poet,
tarot reader, & witch scholar.


Patreon Launch

Interested in connecting to the tarot on a regular basis? Each month on the full moon, I will send you an artful and personalized tarot reading for the coming month. I will also include a poem based on the reading that I write just for you. The idea is to provide you with a monthly touchstone, a magical offering that can focus and ground you for your coming month.

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Tarot Readings

I aim to provide empowering, insightful, and in-depth readings. I use the cards to dive into the stories we tell about our lives. How can we reframe these stories? How can we creatively engage with our own narratives?

Video Reading
from 30.00

Video readings can be pre-recorded or live. If you live in Seattle, they can also be in-person.

Written Reading
from 20.00

An artfully written reading, including photos. Readings will be sent within seven days of purchase.


New E-book

Writing the Tarot : A Creative Journey through the Cards

Want to dive into each card’s meaning, and use them as prompts for self-reflection and creative writing? This fun, informative 75-page PDF includes writing, reading, and listening prompts for each card.

Tarot Suit Playlists

For more tarot-inspired music, check out Writing the Tarot, which includes songs and writing prompts for each card.